Race Schedule, Info & Results

King Harbor Yacht Club racing is in full swing for 2022!
Twilight racing on Thursdays will commence on April 14, 2022.

KHYC’s signature events include the Spinnaker Series, the Ken Hoover Opti Regatta, the Bud Gardiner Bowl (Cal 20's), the Tom Collier Memorial Regatta, the famous Santa Barbara to King Harbor race, the King Harbor Race Weekend, the His and Hers double-handed series and the Christmas Regatta. This page also lists some of the other clubs’ sailboat races that are hosted in King Harbor (plus a few regional races of general interest).

Don't forget to pay your PHRF dues or most races will not let you enter!

2022 Schedule, Information & Results

              KHMYF means King Harbor Model Yacht Fleet, CHRF means Club Handicap Racing Fleet 
Start Date Race NOR SI Results Charts, Etc
Series Results
starts Apr 14 Twilight First Half Series website   results See Below
starts JuL 7 Twilight Second Half Series website not yet no series results yet See Below
starts Mar 19 Spinnaker Series nor See each race Series Standings See each race
All Year High Point Series website   series standings  
Starts Jan 30 CHRF Series 2022 NOR/SI Series Results are not calculated.  See Fred Cottrell or Jerry Vellutini on the KHYC patio about noon on race days to sign up and get your start time for these inverted start races.
8 DRYC - Malibu and Return - Berger 1 Regatta Network Regatta Network    
30 CHRF NOR/SI   results  
?? Bring back Winter Madness....        
20 CHRF     results  
12/13 and 19/20 SCYA Midwinters SCYA web site more info web site    
26 KHMYF at KHYC        
19 Spinnaker Series #1 - Stoney Special Event Website Spin #1 Registration Series Registration Results
20 CHRF       Results
26 KHMYF March Madness
DRYC - Santa Monica Bay Berger 2

3 CHRF     results  
8 RBYC - Spring Horizon Series Begins See RBYC web site
14 KHYC Twilights Begin website   H-Fleet  
16 She Devil Regatta        
21 Twilights First Half -2 website   H-Fleet  
23/24 Ken Hoover (Opti's)        
22 to 24 Newport to Ensenada NOSA web Site NOSA web Site    
28 Twilights First Half - 3 website   H-Fleet  
30 Spinnaker Series #2 - TransHarbor website      
5 Twilights First Half - 4 website   H-Fleet  
12 Twilights First Half - 5 website      
16 CYC -Pacific Cup Deepwater #1 website      
19 Twilights First Half - 6 website   H-Fleet  
22 CHRF     results  
24 RBYC - Last Spring Horizon Series See RBYC web site
26 Twilights First Half - 7 website   H-Fleet  
31 RBYC - June Cup Begins See RBYC web site
2 Twilights First Half - 8 website   H-Fleet  
4 Plastic Classic (PRYC) see PRYC web site
9 Twilights First Half - 9 website   H-Fleet  
12 CHRF     results  
15 Dinghy Twilights Begins        
16 Twilights First Half - 10 website   H-Fleet  
18 Spinnaker Series #3 - Malibu and Return website Pictures    
23 Twilights First Half - 11 website   H-Fleet  
28 RBYC - June Cup ends see RBYC web site
30 Twilights First Half - 12 website   H-Fleet  
7 Twilights Second Half - 1 website                                     H-Fleet
12 RBYC Summer Horizon Series Starts See RBYC web site
8 KHMYF -Cure Cancer Regatta        
9 Cure Cancer Regatta
(Tom Collier Memorial)
web site   results  
14 Twilights Second Half - 2 website   H-Fleet  
17 CHRF     results  
21 Twilights Second Half - 3 website   H-Fleet  
23 PMYC - Chuck Stein Random Leg        
23 **Spinnaker Series #4 - KHYC to CBYC* website      
30 to 31 SBYC to KHYC  website
ORR Results perpetuals results
4 Twilights Second Half - 4       H-Fleet
11 Twilights Second Half - 5 website      
14 CHRF        
18 Twilights Second Half - 6 website      
20 PRYC - Home Port Regatta See PRYC web site
21 SCCYC - Outlook Trophy Pursuit Race        
24 Dinghy Twilights ends        
25 Twilights Second Half - 7 website   H-Fleet  
28 Bud Gardiner Bowl website      
30 RBYC - Summer Horizon Series ends see RBYC web site
1 Twilights Second Half - 8 website   H-Fleet  
?? Outlaw Regatta to Seal Beach        
8 Twilights Second Half - 9 website   H-Fleet  
10 RBYC - King and Queen see RBYC web page
11 Jarvis Hamilton Memorial Cal 20        
15 Twilights Second Half - 10 website   H-Fleet  
17 Spinnaker Series #5 - Matt Walsh website      
18 KHMYF race        
25 CHRF     results  
1 SMWYC -Octoberfest        
2 His and Hers #1 website      
9 CHRF     results  
10 RBYC Castillon Classic See RBYC web site
?? RBYC Frank Guernsey See RBYC web site
16 His and Hers #2 website      
23 His and Hers #3 website      
12 RBYC Turkey Shoot See RBYC web site
13 CHRF     results  
19 KHMYF Turkey Shoot Regatta        
?? Race Awards Event 6:00pm        
3 Christmas Regatta website      
4 CHRF        
10 Boat Parade We know it is not a race but it is a competition with boats! See the Boat Parade web page under the Community Events web site menu.
17 KHMYF Christmas Regatta        

ASMBYC High Point Series race - Indicated by red.  KHYC boats get 30% bonus points added for races started in Marina Del Rey.
Around the Point Series - indicated by orange

King Harbor race marks are used unless noted otherwise in the NOR’s.
The KHMYF race course is directly south of the KHYC guest dock.
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2022 Race Chairperson - James Lee  
2022 Twilights Chairperson - Denny Browne
King Harbor Model Yacht Fleet Chairperson - Burr Hope
CHRF Series Chairperson - Fred Cottrell
KHYC Race Office, 310-374-5848
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