2019 Calendar
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Photo Gallery



2019 Event Photos
Clean Up Day    
Super Bowl Party Presentations New Member
Pre Commodore's Ball Commodore's Brunch Commodore's Ball 01
New Year's Eve New Year's Day Brunch Commodore's Ball
2019 Race Photos
Model Yacht Race #01 CHRF #1 Midwinter Regatta
2018 Event Photos
Cal20 Christmas Party KHYC Christmas Party  
Holloween Party Docks Children's Christ Party
FM KHYC Decorations Holiday Boat Parade CF KHYC to LBYC
September New Members PBF to LBYC Annual Race Awards
Music Night Coastal Cleanup August New Members
May General Meeting First Friday Party Shrimp Feed
St. Patrict's Day Party Opening Day April New Members
Commodore's Brunch Super Bowl & Chili Cook Off Clean Up Day
New Year's Breakfast Commodore's Ball NW Installation
2018 Race Photos
Christmas Regatta    
His N' Hers #3 J70 US Championship CHRF #11
Race Weekend Club Spinnaker #6 His N' Hers #2
SBYC to KHYC Race Weekend Day 1 Race Weekend Day 2
Spinnaker #3 Tom Collier Regatta Bud Gardiner Bowl
CHRF #3 Twilight Race Committee Ken Hoover Memorial
CHRF #1 Spinnaker #1 Cal 20 Midwinters
2017 Event Photos
Christmas Boat Parade New Year's Eve Party Club Holiday Party
Dave Barrette Concert Christmas Caroling CCF Dinner
Summer Party Halloween Party Sept/Oct New Members
New Members 4th of July Shrimp Feed
Opening Day Mother's Day Father's Day
Commodore's Brunch Commodore's Coctail Party Clean Up Day
FM Installation Commodore's Ball New Year's Brunch
2017 Race Photos
His N Hers #3 Christmas Regatta  
Jarvis Hamiltion His N' Hers #1 CHRF #9
Race Weekend 1 Race Weekend 2 Spinnaker #6
Spinnaker #3 Tom Collier Memorial SBYC to KHYC
Midwinter Regatta Spinnaker #2 She Devil Regatta
2016 Event Photos
Cal 20 Holiday Party Boat Parade Awards PBF Installation
PBF Cruise Woman of the Year FM Decorating the Club
End of Summer Party Sept New Members B P Fundraiser
NWF Norris Theatre FM Santa Anita Racetrack FM Game Day
FM Norris Theatre FM Mexican Fiesta Sea Fair
PBF St. Patrick's Dinner FM Food Prep Opening Day Opening Day
FM Whale Watching Club Clean Up Weather Presentation
FM Installation Commodore's Ball Feb General Meeting
2016 Race Photos
Christmas Regatta    
His N' Hers #3 Race Awards Americas Cup
ASMBYC C of C Iron Man 1 Spinnaker #6
CHRF Races SBYC to KHYC Race Week
CHRF Sunday Series #4 KHYC to CBYC Spinn #4 Tom Collier
Spinnaker #1 She Devil Regatta Bud Gardner Bowl
2015 Event Photos
PBF Newport Harbor Woman of the Year Boat Parade
Halloween Party Sept New Members New Member BBQ
NWF PVIC Aug New Members NWF Banning House
NWF BBQ Shirmp Feed FM Game Night
Opening Day Video NWF Cinco de Mayo Party Sea Fair
March General Meeting Easter Brunch Opening Day
PBF Cruise to DRYC Whale Watching Super Bowl Sunday
Commodore's Ball NWF Whale Watching Club Clean-up
FM Installation NW Installation Commodore's Brunch
2015 Race Photos
His N' Hers #3 Race Awards Christmas Regatta
SBYC to KHYC Race Fall One Design Regatta His N' Hers #2
Spinnaker #3 Spinnaker #4 Tom Collier Regatta
She Devil Regatta Ken Hoover Regatta Bud Gardner Bowl
CHRF #2 CHRF #3 Race Weekend
Midwinter Regatta Day 1 Midwinter Regatta Day 2 Spinnaker #2
2014 Event Photos
Boat Parade YouTube    
Halloween Party Christmas Party Christmas Boat Parade
FM Holiday Boutique Dock Removal Parade Paddle Craft
NWF Avalon Weekend Woman of the Year Trophy Case Dedication
NWF Hollywood Bowl NW Pt. Fermin LH Tour Aug & Sept New Menbers
Father's Day BBQ NW Cooking Class FM Del Rey Yacht Club
New Entrance Sea Fair CCF Del Rey Cruise
Opening Day Opening Day Part 2 NW Cinco de Tres Party
KHYC Cleanup NWF at the Norris PBF St. Patrick's Day
Feb General Meeting PBF Cruise to DRYC Storm Photos
Commodore's Ball FM Palm Springs Follies Super Bowl
Commodore's Ball Commodore's Party Commodore's Ball
FM Installation NW Installation Comm Apprec Breakfast
2014 Race Photos
Christmas Regatta    
His & Hers #3 His & Hers #2 Cal20 Ironman
ASMBYC Class A 1st ASMBYC Class A 2nd ASMBYC Awards
ASMBYC Martin ASMBYC Class B 1st ASMBYC Class B 2nd
Tom Collier Regatta Spinnaker #5 SBYC to KHYC
She Devil's Race Spinnaker #3 Spinnaker #4
Race Weekend Day 2 Race Weekend Bud Gardiner Bowl
Stoney Special Spinnaker #2 Race Weekend Day 1
2013 Event Photos
New Year's Eve Party Additional Boat Parade  
Boat Parade C20 Holiday Party Boat Parade Party
Halloween Party Woman of the Year CCF Holiday Dinner
NWF Ladies in Avalon Oct New Member BBQ Family Halloween
Sept General Meeting FM Science Center FM Game Night
Shrimp Feed Aug New Members NW Progressive Party
May General Meeting FM Pastural Picnic Poker Run
Americ'a Cup Emeritus Fleet Iowa Sea Fair
Opening Day April General Meeting NW Mexican Fiesta
New Member BBQ NW Cooking Class FM LA Bus Tour
Super Bowl Sunday PBF Cruise MDR St. Patrick's Day Party
Commodore's Ball Commodore's Breakfast Feb. General Meeting
New Years Eve FM Installation NW Installation
2013 Race Photos
His & Hers Race 2 His & Hers Race 3 Race Awards
Spinnaker 6 Ironman His & Hers Race 1
SB to KH Awards Spinnaker 5 Race Weekend
Spinnaker 3 Spinnaker 4 Tom Collier Regatta
Spring One Design She Devil Regatta Bud Gardner Regatta
Spinnaker 1 SCYA Midwinters Spinnaker 2